Welcome to the first issue of Urban Junkies Ibiza, in partnership with ME by Meliá Hotels. We at UJ love Ibiza. With a website, app and newsletter already dedicated to the White Isle, we’re thrilled to finally add print to our stable.


Photo by Danielle Tasca-York

When we started to think about what we wanted in this publication, we knew we would highlight the side of Ibiza that we’ve always loved – the rustic venues, the parties with spirit, and the people that make the island what it is. We also knew we wanted to touch on hot topics and include insider tips throughout.

Kate Spicer kicks off this launch edition by touching on last summer’s standout hit, Beachouse, and explains why she’ll be seeing more daylight this season. GQ’s Jonathan Heaf comments on the increase of bling in Ibiza, while we find out where insiders go to get away from it all.

We really wanted Javier Anadon of Café Mambo fame in the magazine – he truly embodies the Ibiza spirit we believe in – so we’re grateful that he took the time to speak to Maya Boyd about his story. The next person who tells you that Ibiza has lost its soul, get them to read this.

Ralph Moore takes a look at the rise of DC10, which #UJloves. It may no longer be our little secret, but it’s still one of, if not the best dance floor in the world. And lastly, we’ve also included guides to London and Madrid, should you have a pre- or post-Ibiza jaunt.

People always talk about where they’re from. For many of us, we may not be from the White Isle, but our spirit certainly is. Welcome to our Ibiza family.

See you on the dance floor.


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