Jessica Capaz McCarthy, The Music Maven

Musical Director, Pacha Ibiza

Jessica Capaz McCarthy is the only female ever to hold the position of Musical Director at an Ibiza club. “I don’t really see it like that,” muses the 30-year-old, ever the diplomat. “It’s not really an issue.” Capaz is softly spoken and immaculately dressed, but she’s certainly earned her stripes in the music industry. After leaving a fashion career in Barcelona to move to Ibiza at 19 – “for love, what else?” – she set up a ticket sales booth in the port. Cementing great relationships with the club bosses made her the obvious choice when Pacha director, Francisco Ferrer, needed a new assistant. “That was four years ago, and last year I began doing bookings. My knowledge is about what works in Ibiza – I’m a clubber! And I’m still learning, but I really, really love my job.”

Hjordis Fogelberg,               The Artistic Soul

Art Director, Heart Ibiza

Growing up in Ibiza, artist and designer Hjordis Fogelberg cut her teeth in the club artwork scene of the early nineties; the tongue-in-cheek erotica of those iconic early Manumission posters was hers. She went on to co-found Pacha Magazine in 2003, only stepping down last year in order to pen MY IBIZA and Formentera, her personal guide book to the island and what she calls her ‘greatest achievement’. This year, Fogelberg is art directing HEART, the glam-slam marina collaboration between Cirque du Soleil and elBulli’s Adriá brothers, but still reminisces about her hippy island roots. “As kids, my best friend Sean Pertwee and I would drive to S’Estanyol beach in our Renault 4, with all the doors pulled off. We were blonde and tanned and covered in fake tattoos and our dog, King, would be running behind.”

Iban Mendoza,                        The Unstoppable DJ


Winning last’s years Best Ibiza DJ award was “without a doubt, the most exciting thing to have happened to me”, declares Ibán Mendoza, the Catalonian DJ who counts Puffy as his number one fan. “It’s true – I’ve played for him many times. He saw me at a party and liked what I did,” admits Mendoza, who played at Puffy’s legendary WMC after-party in Miami, although after 11 years in Ibiza, his favourite booth is still the Amnesia Terrace. Playing this year at Space, Privilege, Orso and Café del Mar, Mendoza also continues his five-year residency at Km5. “Of course! It’s my house.” The secret to his success? “It’s the passion you put in that makes the difference,” he says. “I love what I do – I guess the crowd can see it, too.”

Renu Kashyap,                       The Style Guru

Fashion Stylist and Personal Shopper

Diminutive Dutch stylist Renu Kashyap left a fast-paced career as a fashion editor in Amsterdam four years ago. “I came to Ibiza for two months and never left,” she recalls. “I fell in love with the island.” Living with her DJ husband Bas (DJ Ken Abel) and daughter, Skye Avelon, she’s created the ultimate stylish life on the White Isle. “I work on the beach and live in the countryside – the positive environment gives me so much more space to create. It’s so free spirited.” Her first job in Ibiza was styling an admittedly grand soirée – “We had leopard girls in the trees, disco balls in the pool, DJs from Paris. It was a real fashion party.” But she cites an ad campaign as her favourite: “The model rode a wild white horse down the mountain and out into the sea at Cala d’en Serra. It was just magical.” This year finds Kashyap travelling back and forth to Amsterdam, where she shoots for titles including Glamour, L’Officiel and Marie Claire, and working on a book. “The book is my dream, I’ve truly never been more excited.”

David Vincent and Danny Whittle,                                     The Party Starters

Owner, Sankeys
Owner, Ibiza Music Factory, Co-Founder, IMS & IBZ ENT and Partner, Sankeys Ibiza

“All my mates in East London were rich Jewish kids. They all had massive bar mitzvahs, and I didn’t. That’s why I decided to throw raves. I just wanted my own f****** party, man,” says David Vincent. And party he has. From Manchester University to the Haçienda via Ministry of Sound, the owner of Sankeys has quite the story. “Sankeys in Manchester was a brave move for a London kid,” muses Danny Whittle, who joined forces with Vincent last year. “The city at the time was pretty notorious in terms of nightclub operations – guns, drugs and gangsters. And Dave’s a weird one – he’s a proper Londoner who ran nightclubs in Manchester and supports Liverpool FC. He’s very international!”

The pair have got one hell of a line-up – just where they want it. This year’s Seven Wonders series includes not only the legendary Tribal Sessions but also the much-loved We Love party, fresh from 13 years at Space. Vincent says, “I told Darren Hughes [the legendary We Love promoter] that he could do whatever he wanted – I just wanted to work with him, then he said he was bringing We Love.”

“Danny’s a true visionary, and he’s one of the only people who believed in me,” says Vincent of Whittle, who spent 13 years as Brand Manager at Pacha and is widely credited with turning it into the musical force it is today. “There’s not many other f*****s I’d take advice off.”

Anuska Jimenez,                   The Fabulous Foodie

Head Chef, Can Dani

Long heralded as “the Balearic Fat Duck”, Can Dani, Formentera’s ode to haute gastronomy, was awarded the island’s first Michelin star last year. The twinkly roadside courtyard between San Francesc and San Ferran has long been a stop on the Balearic foodie pilgrimage, but, says head chef Anuska Jimenez, winning the Michelin star still terrified her. “It was joy, fear, surprise, all at once – too many emotions to describe!” The 35-year-old Barcelona native has lived in Formentera for eight years and says, “my cooking is utterly inspired by the Mediterranean and by Formentera – the land, the weather, the local products, it’s totally unique.” With Can Dani’s ever-changing menu, can she pinpoint her signature dish? “There are too many, I can’t choose! I guess if I had to, maybe the country chicken stuffed with figs and fennel.” A true taste of Formentera, if ever there was one.