Frederik Bockhahn
General Manager,
Crosstown Rebels

“If I have a choice (which is often the case with Ibiza), then I want to be outside and preferably in the sunshine when I party. In my experience people are just more on point when they can’t hide drunk in the darkness. Most often I will go to bed at a normal time, wake up super early, get some work done and then go join my friends wherever the night may have taken them. DC10 is my favourite club, but I will also sneak in the occasional Rumors at Beachouse and go for some special sets in the Sake Bar at Space for ENTER.”

Guy Williams
Promoter Of Fun

“As a DJ, my favourite set time is 2-4am in the heart of the Ibicencan night. As a partygoer, my favourite time to go out is DC10 in the late afternoon as the sun is setting.”

Brydie Tong

“Working in music, I try to check out most parties at some point. I’m into a diverse range but I have my favourite spots for the music I want to hear and where I like to let loose. DC10 on Mondays — the quieter weeks, early doors (4-9pm) — still takes the cake for me. And of course, a traditional Ibiza after-party mission, with the perfect combination of crew, location, music and the heroes spinning it, flowing drinks, the enchanting hours of sunrise, and most importantly — smiling people and good vibes, that’s where the magic happens.”

Francesca Lombardo

“I love to start the day on the beach and take it straight to the night, from a Benirrás sunset on a Sunday to one of the great restaurants on the island. Then finish off with with some of the best music at one of the beach parties around.”

Damian Lazarus
Resident DJ, Circo Loco

(Look out for his new album, ‘Message from the Other Side’)

“I’m always playing the final set inside at Circo Loco at DC10, so my rave begins a couple of hours later with dinner and drinks at The Fish Shack or a swim at Atlantis. The after rave is a villa party!”